The first and only UltraSonographic Periodontal Probe, providing a painless way to monitor gum disease.

(Mock-Up of the US Probe)

Ultrasonic Probe, LLC (DBA: USProbe) is applying advanced technologies to address unresolved medical needs in the dental industry.  Building on over 30 man-years of experience in the dental industry and partnering with premier technology institutions, the company is prepared to provide a novel and unique capability to dental professionals around the world.  Ultrasonic Probe, LLC has developed the US Probe as the next generation, state-of-the art diagnostic tool for detecting and characterizing periodontal disease.  The US Probe is an ultrasonographic instrument that integrates diagnostic medical ultrasound techniques with advanced artificial intelligence to automatically detect, map, and diagnose periodontal disease.  Ultrasonic Probe, LLC expects that the US Probe will quickly become the industry standard technique for diagnosing periodontal disease.

We anticipate launching the US Probe in 2015 once we receive FDA approvals.  If you are interested in the product, please email us and we will keep you up to date as the product nears release.

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